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Here is what our customers say about us:

"Excellent…love it. Couldn’t be more happy." - Annette

"Very high quality and a wonderful unique piece of furniture" - Linda

"I’m obsessed with this table. I saved up wanting the perfect “adult” piece of furniture for my first house and this couldn’t be any more perfect. The edge is hella sexy, I couldn’t be any happier" - Haley

"I have bought many things from SWD over the years and there are two things that jump out at me. First, the quality of the work and the care in the wood itself. Second, the customer service to make sure what they make is what you want. You cannot beat these business commitments. Always great work." -Bob

We've sold over 3,400 pieces of handcrafted reclaimed tables, and have enjoyed 5-star reviews for 8 years. Join our tribe of happy customers.