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Chris, Leigh, Aaron and Elliot are the heart and soul of Spoken Wood Design. Each day they select the perfect piece of wood for our clients, and then plane, sand and finish each piece to our client's specifications.

We build beautiful, functional furniture from centuries-old wood reclaimed from the farms around our Midwest community. Each piece of wood finds a new life in our hands, and carries with it the strength and beauty of its past. 

This lumber is trimmed from massive hand-hewn beams salvaged from old barns in Wisconsin and Iowa. Amish crews disassemble the barns and salvage as much as they can. Most of these barns were in use for over 100 years before being obsolesced by modern farming practices. They saw farming change from horse power to diesel power. As the culture changed, so too do the buildings that support it. This wood was cut from old growth trees in the 19th century by hand saw and ax then shaped by hand with adzes and muscles. I try to present as much of that old effort as I can. The wood in these boards must be as old as this country.

We have smoothed and flattened the top surface so you can set glasses on it. Each piece IS DIFFERENT and has its own story and history. Like all reclaimed, upcycled, repurposed and recycled products there are flaws and nicks and knotholes...or as we like to think of it, personality!